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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Every once in a while life gets a breather. The optimists and wishful believers think that its going to last for long, however in the heart of hearts lies the dangered worry of its transitory nature.
Seldom does one pause to think of the shelf-life of happiness when one is peaking with the emotion.
No amount of stress or negativity gets the better of him/her when going through it.

So this is really what we have to strive towards isn't it. The immunity which we seldom use to our better judgement is left rusting and rutting when one faces gloom and depression from all around. When the said cloud descends, it is simply a matter of stepping away from its path or using an umbrella against the outburst.

Why then does it become difficult and cumbersome?
Because, this is where the mind wavers in decision and takes too long to make the ultimate choice. Thus not only forgetting to step aside but also gets the umbrella stuck half way.

The result: deluge!


R.N said...

quite true...the world works on law of average, balance, equilibrium...so there will always be a hand for you. Trust is all you need to do.

lunacysimplified said...

Belief in your thoughts and conviction in your actions are vital to lessen the wavering. However when it is a matter of external emotion, specifically a loved one, one may find it hard to make the ultimate choice with ease.