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Those who do feel a close connection to what is being depicted, need to stay out of my imagination then!
Happy reading!"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


'Twas her only shot. She knew she had to get it right this time. Yet deep within the fear of being let down, was stifling her from taking that first step (again).
For how many times she had been down that road, only to be burned, emotionally traumatized and left to perish.
Nonetheless, she took that step. She went that extra mile. She let him in.

What ensued was the most beautiful phase of her life. Every moment made more prolific and special with the person by her side. Breathing came all but naturally to her. Her inhibitions rid, her shackles broken down...she smiled a free smile. All was right. All was happy.
They spent many a precious months together. Each symbolized a new lease on life for her. For the first time, she felt open. Vulnerable she was to everybody else. But with him, she was secure. She was in a haven.

But this haven was also not meant for her it seemed. For life had different plans for her. It was all an ephemeral sense of well-being.
Happiness didn't want to befriend her. She was once again ousted, castaway for good measure.
Reasons seemed insignificant.
The stifling feeling was back again.
Only this time never to be shaken away.
The deepening quicksand was sucking her back in.
No one to pull her out this time.

Ironically though, this time she didn't want to be pulled out. She much preferred the quicksand, at least she was safe in the knowledge that there were no more heartbreaks, no more rude awakenings...and certainly no more suffering.

All was ending.
The end was, is and always will be THE END.

*too bad it's not a happy one*

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