"All prose and poetry presented in this blog bear no resemblance to any animate/inanimate beings. These are solely figments of my very scattered imagination (at most times).
Those who do feel a close connection to what is being depicted, need to stay out of my imagination then!
Happy reading!"

Friday, March 19, 2010


She took her time, she did. No matter how she saw it, her world had completely slipped from its axis. Nothing was in the right, right then.
All was fading...and she couldn't do anything about it.

Just as she was about to jump off the abyss, a voice called out to her.
"Where are you going my child?"

She swiveled back to find an old woman, leaning heavily on a cane. The woman's face was wrinkled, her lips were chapped, her skin all mouldy. But her eyes! Deep and sunken though they were, the moisture in them mirrored her anguish, her fear of the unknown.

The girl stood there, rooted to the spot. She willed the old woman to come to her.
But the old woman didn't budge.

Both stood, waiting and watching.
Finally, the girl took one step back, the old woman did the same.
She then took a step forward, the old woman did the same.

She took another step forward...and another...and another...

Finally, they both stood right in front of each other. The girl saw herself reflected in those dull and misty eyes.
The old woman finally spoke, "Let your sorrow go my child. Its not worth it. You have so much ahead of you. Don't let something like this sour your future. Let go of your sorrow. Let go of your anguish. Let go my child. Let go..."


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mother I need thee... - the catharsis of the burning child.

Dear Mother,

It is often said that no matter what a child does, her mother always finds it in her heart to forgive her for whatever she has done. She always absolves her of any blunder she may have committed.
But what I have done cannot be trivialized as a mistake/blunder.
I have sinned Mother
I have betrayed thee.
I ask you now for your forgiveness.

As I look back at the life I have led, I shudder to think of the way I have strayed from the path you had shown me - the right path.
In my youthful arrogance I never once considered it the right path. Today, I bear the price for it.

But I will never let the shadow of my misery even touch you Mother. You are that precious to me. With you in my life, I can always look forward to happier days.
Do not turn your back on me Mother. My claustrophobic guilty conscience will not let me escape my past.
I need you by my side the most tonight. I want to put my head in your lap, I want you to rock me to sleep, I want to hear your beautiful musical voice sing to me Mother.

For, the chasm ahead of me is deep and wide. I see no hope for return. I see no end to this misery.
This is my imposition ... my comeuppance!

And now, as I stand here, on this precipice, I have one thing to say to thee -
Forgive me Mother. I have betrayed you.
Forgive me Mother.
I am sorry.
I love you.


And then she jumped........