"All prose and poetry presented in this blog bear no resemblance to any animate/inanimate beings. These are solely figments of my very scattered imagination (at most times).
Those who do feel a close connection to what is being depicted, need to stay out of my imagination then!
Happy reading!"

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Battle...

Tarnished memory
Hazy recollections
Iridescent and gory
Are these haunted stories...

Ghosts have a ubiquitous presence in our lives.
By ghosts here I don't mean spirits or poltergeists, but the past and its general principle.
Forgetting it is something beyond our capabilities. Letting it go is like side-stepping the significant. And moving on is a battle between Khali and Hercules.

However much we want to get past this, we forget the most imperative.
The theory upon which mankind is built to function and survive...

To err is human
To forgive is divine