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Those who do feel a close connection to what is being depicted, need to stay out of my imagination then!
Happy reading!"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The terrible sense of foreboding was there. It resurfaced every time he tried to relax his mind. He knew the plague of misery was going to end.
But he couldn't bring himself to give up so easily. Life allowed a second chance. He thought himself to be deserving of the same.
However, little did he know that life was cruelly biased and allowed second chances to all but few.
Luck favoured all but few.

Sorrow however had no such qualms. It comes and sticks on, as though never to let go.
Its all in the mind he is told. But how much can you sustain, withstand...isn't the end sometimes better than a lifetime of misery?

Happiness however fleeting, manages to leave an indelible imprint at times. Remembering those times in moments of misery is all one needs to do. The sorrow tends to erode away then...

But what of the happiness? Can that never come back? Is happiness always a mere memory? Is it always ephemeral?
Is this how we learn its true worth? Is this why we yearn for it so much?

But are we living in a fool's paradise...a fallacy?

Happiness, they say is a state of mind! Hold onto it, and it stays longer.


Joy said...

Misty and blurry... :)

prachir said...

goooodddd one...J

Priyanka said...

@Joy: Yeahhh...sometimes its just faceless

@J: thank you :)

Gaurav said...

Great one..!!